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Revolutionize Your Photography Studio
with TogDrop's Backdrop Hanging Systems

Mounting Solutions for Photographers

Do you struggle with backdrop hanging systems? Does hanging your backdrops drain the life out of your creativity?
As photographers ourselves, we understand the struggle is real, and we have a solution for you! 

  • A Must-Have!
    "I recently had the opportunity to experience TogDrop at my studio and it's nothing short of revolutionary. The ease with which you can create a backdrop room is incredible, and the quality of the system is top-notch. It stands out as the first true backdrop system that caters to the needs of modern photography studios."

    - Chris Fritchie

  • Cuts setup time IN HALF!
    Such a simple easy system! It is not only light weight, but it is ridiculously easy to used AND cuts time setting up IN HALF! the pole-autopole system is perfect for the photographer without a magnet wall or on the go. Makes setting up backdrop rooms a breeze and I look forward to taking it to all my various locations.

    - Sammy Rodriguez

  • Backdrop hanging systems
    are as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    At TogDrop Solutions, we understand the pain points photographers face when setting up backdrops. We were the photographers who said backdrops were just too hard to set up and to light for a realistic look. That’s why we’ve developed innovative solutions to simplify your photography life.

    Create Perfect Corners

    Do you shiver when you want to hang two backdrops together to create a room? Then you are going to love this system! One of the standout features of our mounting systems is the ease of creating corners when using two backdrops to make a scene.

    Save Precious Space

    Are you struggling to find more space in your studio? Or maybe you are looking for more ways to add different lighting techniques. The TogDrop system helps you get more creative without sacrificing functionality. Our system is also lightweight and easy to pack up for going on location.


    Do you need a better way to change out backdrops quickly and effortlessly? TogDrop’s easy-to-use system helps you stay efficient and engaged with your clients!

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    Easy to set up a corner for backdrops using the metal wall corner system
    Chris Fritchie's light mount system
    Soft box used in Auto Pole System

    Metal Wall Systems

    Why not hang those backdrops on the wall? The first game-changing system we want to introduce is the Metal Wall System. Whether you are working with a single backdrop or multiple backdrops to create a corner ,  fewer feet on the floor equals more space.

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    Metal Wall Corner System Parts

    Light Stand Systems

    Our Light Stand Systems make working in your studio and on-locations easy. They are lightweight and easy to pack up and travel to your clients’ homes. Newborn photographers love this option!


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    Light Stand Corner System Parts

    Auto Pole Systems

    Our Auto Pole System is by far our favorite and most versatile solution! In our studio, we use it with light stands, our pipe and drape system, the metal wall and the auto poles! Our systems work together so you can use your creativity and design what works best for you! 

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    Auto Pole Corner System

    Get your creativity back!

    Which system is Right for you?

    If you are one of the thousands of photographers who have considered using backdrops but don’t want the hassle of hanging backdrop systems, then the TogDrop System is for you! It is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • Choose your mounting system; Metal Wall, Light Stands, or Auto Pole

    Choice of Metal Wall Backdrop System
  • Choose a single system, a corner system and/or lighting mounts.  

    Choice of Light Stand Backdrop System
  • Place your order!

    Choice of Auto Pole Backdrop System 2
  • Still Need Support?

    Are you unsure which system would work best for your studio? Schedule a call, and let’s figure it out together.

    Backdrop Hanging Benefits
    ~ The TogDrop Way ~

    Easy to Switch Out

    You can hang it once and forget it or change it out easily. It's your choice! Get creative with your backdrops and your sessions.

    No Need to "Fix it in Post"

    You can save yourself some time editing, get those orders out to your clients quicker, and spend more time with your family.

    Efficient and Professional Studios 

    Your clients will love you even more!

    Chris Fritchie two backdrop set up
    Chris Fritchie's studio

    Start optimizing your studio space now!

    Explore our range of innovative mounting systems and take your photography business to new heights.

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