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Light Mounting Systems

Photography studio setup ideas

Are you tired of the endless struggle of setting up lighting in your photography studio around your backdrops? We're here to revolutionize your studio experience, saving you time and precious space while helping you get the lighting you want on your subjects.

Chris Fritchies light set up using a metal wall corner system

Introducing our Lighting Mount Systems: the perfect partner to your TogDrop Backdrop System 

We offer four different options that can be used with any of our three mounting system bases. And the best part? You can mix and match the individual components according to your studio process!

Dual Light Holder

This nifty accessory allows you to mount two lights, pointing up or down. It’s a game-changer when you want that extra oomph in your studio lighting setup.

Single Light Holder

Simple yet effective, this little gem is ideal when you only need one light, like a hair light or a focused spotlight.

Dual-Threaded Cylinder

Our Dual-Threaded Cylinder is here to give you endless possibilities. With its 1/4-20 threads, you can easily attach rotating arms and speed lights or even use it with existing systems you already own. Get creative and customize your own unique configuration!

Corner Body

This clever addition adds incredible flexibility by allowing you to come in at an angle from your backdrop rooms. Say goodbye to boring flat setups and hello to dynamic compositions!

Remember, all these components are sold separately, so you can pick and choose exactly what fits your needs. So why wait? Take control of your lighting setup and elevate your photography game with our versatile Lighting Mount Systems today!

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How to choose lighting mounts for the TogDrop systems

Join the Lighting Mount Revolution with TogDrop

Photography studio setup equipment

Our innovative mounting system is designed with photographers like you in mind. Whether you need to add a hair light for that perfect highlight or a rim light to create depth, our system easily integrates with your backdrop and existing lighting setup. No more fumbling around with complicated setups or wasting valuable shooting time!

With our easy-to-use system, you can quickly mount your lights right to your backdrop system, and adjust them without any hassle. Need to change the angle? No problem! Our versatile mounts allow for positioning with your backdrops, giving you complete control over the direction and intensity of your lighting.

But that’s not all – our mounting system is also compatible with single and multiple backdrops, making it ideal for creating various scenes within your studio space. Transform your plain walls into stunning backgrounds with just a few clicks!

Say goodbye to the frustrations of traditional setups and hello to simplicity, versatility, and unparalleled results with our Lighting Mounting System that works with your backdrop system. Upgrade your studio now!

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Chris Fritchie's light mount system
Lisa Maco's light set up

Start optimizing your studio space now!

Explore our range of innovative mounting systems and take your photography business to new heights.

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