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Setup Videos

TogDrop's Easy How to Videos 

Let us walk you through the TogDrop systems, and you'll be making perfect backdrops and lighting setups in no time!

Table of Contents

Metal Wall Single Drop System Set-up Guide

Here is your step-by-step guide to setting up your Metal Wall Single Drop System. Our innovative backdrop and light mounting systems give you an easy and quick way to set up your backdrop system using your metal wall.

Metal Wall Corner System Set-up Guide

TogDrop's Metal Wall Corner System is there to help you set up your rooms using a metal wall, easily and quickly! Our backdrop system removes the quess work and and gives you the tools you need for ease and convenience.

Light Stand Single Drop System Set-up Guide 

TogDrop's Light Stand Single Drop System is great for a simple set up or if you travel to your client's home and need a quick set up. Lightweight and an easy way to carry your equipment with you.

Light Stand Corner System Set-up Guide

TogDrop's Light Stand Corner System is a game changer when setting a room using backdrops! Quick and simple way to create a corner in your studio or on location. Gary also shows you how to simply add a light fixture to the corner without having to use another stand in just a few minutes! Clean. Simple. Quick. Easy.

Auto Pole Corner System Set-up Guide

Do you use an Auto Pole System in your studio? This is a great way to have versatility and floor space. Our Auto Pole Corner System works great to give you that clean corner you need to save time during your session AND in your editing process.

Auto Pole Single Drop System Set-up Guide

Here is the set up video that shows how to use the Auto Pole Single Drop System. This is perfect for snugging a wall to save you space in your studio.

Lighting Mounts and Accessories

TogDrop's system works not only with your backdrops but also with your lights! Need a hair light? Maybe a rim light? We have accessories that work with the backdrop system and allow you to add lighting where you need it!

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