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Pole Corner System

The Pole Corner System includes the corner support needed when using multiple backdrops together to form a corner or a room. The Pole system offers versatile widths and can be used with multiple vertical options. The Pole Adapter works with most types of poles to include auto poles, C-Stands, Light Stands or Pipe and Drape systems for corner and single drop systems. Lighting supports can be added easily.


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• Saves space: No more light stand feet on the floor. A cleaner look and save space in your studio.
• Includes straps to pull your backdrop tight at the bottom.
• Easily adjustable for the right height.
• Versatile widths for Auto Poles, Light Stands, pipe and drape systems, and C-stands. Includes spacers for a custom fit. Fits poles from ¾ to 1 7/8 inches in diameter.
• Includes two magnets to pull the corner in. Additional magnets can be ordered separately.
• Includes saddles to hold up to a 1 ½ inch pole.
• Light Stands, metal walls, auto poles, support rods, clamps, lights, and backdrops are not included.
• Suggested no more than 30 lbs. on TogDrop equipment. Test the weight and what your equipment manufacturer suggests. Use good judgment


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