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Corner Body with Turret Accessories

TogDrop’s Corner Body and Turret accessories are perfect for hanging multiple backdrops, providing flexibility and professional results for your studio setups.


TogDrop’s Corner Body is where the magic happens with our backdrop hanging systems! This versatile product is included in all three of our Corner System Packages and can be used to hang multiple backdrops overlapping each other. The Turret works mainly on the Corner Body to give the angle you need when creating a room. A Turret can also be used with a dual light body, sliding light holder, or light body holder.

  • Universal Compatibility: Attaches to all three of our main backdrop mounting systems.
  • Versatile Use: Can be used to hang multiple backdrops, perfect for creating layered and dynamic setups.
  • Multiple Backdrop Support: Each Corner Body can hold one side of up to three backdrops, allowing for complex and creative arrangements.
  • Required Accessories: The Corner Body must be accompanied by a metal wall magnetic base, a pole adapter, or a light stand adapter.
  • Pole Compatibility: Includes saddles to hold a 1 ½ or 1 ¼ pole.
  • Turret Saddle: Includes a Turret saddle that holds up to a 1 ¼ pole and swivels easily.


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