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Sammie R Studios: Capturing Moments & Making a Difference

by TogDrop

A Journey from Music to Photography

Sammie R. is more than just a photographer; she’s a cornerstone of her community, using her talent to spread joy and make a difference. Born and raised in the heartland of Iowa, Sammie’s journey into photography began unexpectedly but beautifully. With a degree in music performance, her passion initially lay in melodies and harmonies. However, fate had other plans when she reached for a camera during playful outings with her two children in the serene parks of California.

What started as a simple hobby quickly blossomed into a profound love affair with photography. After applying for a position at a local hospital photographing newborns, her husband received Air Force orders to move back home. Specializing in children, senior, and family photography, Sammie’s lens captures the essence of childhood wonder, the excitement of milestones, and the warmth of familial bonds.

Little girl with Santa reading the list

Community Engagement and Volunteering

But Sammie’s impact extends far beyond her studio. She supports organizations like Special Olympics NE, where she volunteers her time and skills to uplift and empower athletes of all abilities. Her involvement with Make-A-Wish IA is a testament to her compassionate spirit, as she helps fulfill the dreams of children facing life-threatening illnesses through the magic of photography.

Additionally, Sammie is an integral part of the Girl Scouts of NE Outreach program, using her creativity to inspire young girls to discover their strengths and potential. Her commitment to her faith-based community shines through in her work, as she uses her artistry to capture the beauty and resilience of the human spirit.

Establishing Sammie R. Studios

Returning to Omaha, Sammie found herself amidst a supportive community of friends who recognized her gift and yearned to have their precious moments immortalized through her lens. Through word of mouth, Sammie R. Studios was born, a testament to her passion, dedication, and the power of authenticity in artistry.

As the owner and lead photographer of Sammie R. Studios, Sammie pours her heart and soul into every session, infusing her images with warmth, emotion, and a touch of Midwestern charm. Her ability to connect with her clients on a personal level allows her to capture not just photographs but cherished memories that will be treasured for generations to come.

Sammie R Studios New Studio Space

Balancing Work and Family Life

Beyond her thriving studio, Sammie remains a devoted mother, finding inspiration in the everyday moments shared with her children. Her journey from music to photography serves as a testament to the transformative power of following one’s passion, even when the path may seem uncertain.

With every click of her camera, Sammie R. invites you to join her on a journey through time, where every image tells a story, and every moment is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

Future Plans and Community Involvement

Looking ahead, Sammie envisions Sammie R. Studios as a space for capturing togetherness in time and a vibrant hub for facilitating it. Her future plans include hosting community events and workshops that bring families and friends together, fostering deeper connections and creating new memories to cherish. From family portrait days to collaborative art projects with local organizations, Sammie aims to use her studio as a platform for unity and celebration. By expanding her outreach and continuing her dedicated support for causes like Special Olympics NE, Make-A-Wish IA, and Girl Scouts of NE Outreach, Sammie is committed to making a lasting impact on her community. Through these efforts, she hopes to build a legacy of love, support, and togetherness that goes beyond the images she captures, nurturing a sense of community that endures for generations.

Sammie’s Review of TogDrop Solutions

Recently, Sammie moved into a new studio and is excited to set up her TogDrop system in the new space. Here’s what she had to say about TogDrop Solutions:

“Such a simple, easy system! It is not only lightweight, but it is ridiculously easy to use AND cuts time setting up IN HALF! The pole system is perfect for the photographer without a magnet wall or on the go. It makes setting up backdrop rooms a breeze, and I look forward to taking it to all my various locations.”

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