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Photography Lighting Setup with TogDrop Solutions: Guest Blog Post by Lisa Maco

by TogDrop

At TogDrop Solutions, we love to share the motivating stories of photographers who’ve used innovation to enhance their work. Today, we’re delighted to highlight Lisa Maco, a photographer who swapped her piano dreams to capture lasting moments. Her story perfectly demonstrates how passion and creativity can guide us in unexpected directions.

Lisa’s journey is a tale of unexpected changes, where her early affection for music ended up leading her on a path of discovery. Even though she initially aimed to become a concert pianist, life had a different route prepared for her, leading her towards the expressive world of photography. Learn more about Lisa Maco Photography here!

Turning Piano Melodies into Photographic Masterpieces: The Journey of a Photographer

As a child, I loved music, played all the woodwind instruments as well as the piano, and had lofty aspirations of becoming a concert pianist. The allure of the piano and its enchanting melodies captivated my imagination. However, as life unfolded, my path took a different turn. Although I didn’t pursue a career in music, my love for playing the piano remains steadfast to this day. Little did I know that my passion for storytelling would lead me down an unexpected and fulfilling path. Just as music tells a story, so do photographs.

While raising my own children, I knew the importance of annual family photos and cherished every opportunity to capture their growth through photographs. During this time, a thought sparked in my mind – could I take on the role of photographer myself? Driven by curiosity and armed with a digital camera, I eagerly delved into learning the art of photography.

After countless hours spent studying techniques and refining my skills, I finally landed my first paid gig. This initial success fueled my passion even further and ignited an unwavering determination to turn this newfound talent into something more significant.

Intrigued by storytelling through images, I seized an opportunity to work as an in-hospital newborn photographer. This experience provided invaluable insights into capturing tender moments during such precious times. As circumstances shifted due to the COVID-19  pandemic, I dedicated myself to honing my business skills and adapting to the changing landscape, and I even earned my Certified Professional Photographer certification in 2020. With resilience and perseverance, I successfully established a thriving child and family photo studio, specializing in delivering exquisite finished products.

In addition to capturing the beauty of others’ lives, I became the keeper of my family’s photographic history. Cherished photographs of my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents have graced the walls of my stairwell since my twenties. Each year, we add another portrait of our own family. All of them framed with love, they serve as a constant reminder of the power of photography to immortalize memories.

Just as a pianist works to bring out the individual voices and the interplay among the voices in a piece to tell its story, a photographer uses light, shadows, posing, and staging to tell the story of a family. Photographing in a small studio can be quite challenging — every inch of space matters. I used to struggle with finding a balance between the space I needed to light properly and having enough room for my subjects. Light stands took up valuable floor space, which resulted in extra editing to remove them from the final images. Mounting lights on the walls seemed like a good idea at first, but it didn’t provide me with the flexibility I needed.

That’s when I discovered TogDrop Solutions. Their innovative auto-pole system revolutionized my small studio setup. Using two of their light-holders, I am able to easily position rim lights, fill lights, and back lights precisely where I need them without sacrificing floor space. This gives me the freedom to experiment with different lighting setups that help create stunning and dynamic images, significantly reducing my editing time.

Thanks to TogDrop Solutions’ ingenious solutions, I can now maximize my studio’s potential even with limited space. With significantly reduced editing time, I can efficiently deliver exceptional finished images that truly capture the essence of my clients’ personalities and tell their stories. I’m even considering using backdrops because of their system, because it makes it all much simpler than in the past.

If you find yourself struggling with limited space in your photography studio, I highly recommend exploring TogDrop Solutions. They have revolutionized the way I work by providing practical solutions that save time and space while delivering exceptional results.

We’re truly thankful to Lisa for sharing her unique experiences with TogDrop Solutions. Her story highlights the significant impact of practical tools like our innovative auto-pole system, which has altered the way she works in her small studio. We’re excited to be part of Lisa’s journey and can’t wait to continue supporting her!

If you’re inspired by Lisa’s story and are ready to look into improving your lighting or backdrop setup, check out TogDrop Solutions! You can learn more on our website and even schedule a quick call.

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