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Our Journey to Specialization: G and E Studios

by TogDrop

The Early Years: Exploring Every Genre

We had no specific focus when we first started G and E Studios over ten years ago. We shot any session that came our way—events, weddings, headshots, branding, newborns, families, kids, you name it, we did it! Running two photobooths, capturing various genres, doing full-on events that included step and repeats, photobooth, candid and award presentations on the same night, and adapting to every client’s needs was our modus operandi. While this approach kept us busy, it also created a confusing message for our audience and clients.

Crazy us!

The Impact of Being a Jack-of-All-Trades and Compassion for Those Who Choose This Business Model

The message you send to your clients is crucial in the photography industry. Covering every genre can sometimes dilute the perceived value of specialized photography services. Think about it another way: we place more value on an electrician specializing in electrical work than a handyman doing everything, including electrical tasks.

We have been there and understand the need for every business model and the need not to turn a job down. The jack-of-all-trades approach can be a necessity, especially in the beginning stages when building a client base and gaining experience is paramount. Versatility can be a strength, providing opportunities to learn and grow in different areas of photography. Every photographer’s journey is unique; finding one’s niche can take time and exploration. Not to mention that we need to please every family and do just what they ask from us.

Kids sleeping with Santa

Discovering Our True Passion

Through years of diverse experience, we discovered what we truly love to do. The magic of watching kids during our Santa experiences, creating fine art portraits, and giving children an unforgettable, heartwarming experience became our passion. We realized that these moments are more valuable than simply taking pictures because Mom said so. Moving forward, this will be where we concentrate our talents, along with our specialized “Gone Fishing” and fairy sessions. These focused genres allow us to create magical, themed experiences that kids and families will treasure forever.

Family of 8 showing their personalities in a photo

The Struggles of the Photography Business

The journey to specialization was not without its struggles. The photography business comes with its own set of challenges. The costs and expenses associated with running a photography studio can be overwhelming. Equipment upgrades, studio rentals, marketing expenses, and the time investment required for editing, learning your craft and client management are significant. Balancing these expenses while trying to find our niche was a daunting task. We realized our lack of focus was confusing and wasn’t serving our clients best. Gary and I were both tired and frustrated and knew burnout was inevitable! We had to make the decision that served our clients with the most rewarding experience.

Two teenage daughters and what they do best

Embracing Specialization for the Future

After years of navigating the industry, we understand the importance of specialization. By focusing on what we love and excelling at, we can offer a higher value to our clients. Our Santa experiences, fine art portraits, “Gone Fishing,” and fairy sessions are not just photos; they are memories and experiences that families will love forever.  We create memories for the kiddos and document them! Those memories will be shared with future family members. This specialization allows us to refine our skills, provide exceptional service, and create a brand that stands out in the industry.

Three kids on Santa's magic sleigh ride!

The Path Ahead

As we move forward, G and E Studios will concentrate on creating magical experiences for kids and families through our specialized photography services. We believe that by focusing on our passion, we can elevate the value of our work and provide our clients with memories that they will treasure for a lifetime.

Additionally, our partnership with TogDrop Solutions has been instrumental in enhancing our studio setup. Their innovative backdrop hanging systems have made setting up our Santa room backdrops a breeze, and their lighting solutions have helped us illuminate those inconvenient spots in the studio, ensuring every shot is perfect.


The journey from a jack-of-all-trades to a specialized photography studio has been transformative for G and E Studios. We have learned that focusing on our passion enhances our skills and provides greater value to our clients. By embracing specialization, we aim to create unforgettable experiences and cherished memories through our fine art portraits, Santa experiences, “Gone Fishing,” and fairy sessions. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to capturing many more magical moments for you in the future. With the help of TogDrop Solutions, our studio setup has never been better, making our sessions even more seamless and enjoyable.

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