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Erica Caselli: Mastering Light and Memory with Impressions by Erica, Inc.

by TogDrop

Meet Erica Caselli: A Journey Through Light and Time


Nestled in the picturesque town of Rogue River, Oregon, Erica Caselli grew up surrounded by the stunning beauty of mountains and the great outdoors. It was here that she cultivated her deep love for nature and natural light, learning to harness sunlight, clouds, and water to reveal the extraordinary details that often escape the ordinary lens. Erica’s photography is more than just images; it’s a canvas of memories, both lived and imagined, portraying life as pure, hopeful, and inspiring.

The Beginnings of a Photographer: Erica’s Early Inspiration

At the age of 18, Erica began her photographic journey with the purchase of her first 110 camera. The development of her first pictures was a defining moment—she knew photography would be a lifelong pursuit. She immersed herself in photography classes, participated in art shows, and honed her skills alongside seasoned wedding photographers. In 1998, she launched her own venture, Impressions by Erica, Inc., specializing in Weddings and Creative Children’s Portraits.

A magical moment from one of Erica’s themed photography sessions.

Embracing Change and Overcoming Challenges

Taking a hiatus to raise her three children, Erica didn’t pause her passion. Instead, she plunged into the digital realm, mastering digital photography and Photoshop. Her work, including a nostalgic baseball calendar titled ‘Moments in Time,’ captured the hearts of many and was distributed nationwide by Go!

Expanding Skills and Studio Innovations

In 2020, Erica expanded her expertise by becoming an FAA-certified Ground Pilot, enhancing her offerings in Real Estate photography. The same year marked the reopening of her business, utilizing her garage transformed into a studio for Santa, Couture, Fairy, and Mermaid sessions. Transitioning from natural to studio lighting, she faced new challenges, which she overcame with creativity and determination. Erica takes pride in crafting large, interactive sets, providing her clients with immersive experiences.

Revolutionizing the Studio with TogDrop Solutions

One of her pivotal challenges was maximizing studio space efficiently. This is where TogDrop Solutions stepped in. With TogDrop’s innovative backdrop and lighting systems, issues like clients tripping over light stands became a thing of the past. Erica’s studio is now safer and more efficient, letting her focus on what she does best—capturing magical moments.

Erica is excited to share her story and some of her favorite works with you. Visit her website, Impressions by Erica. She hopes you enjoy the collection of her photos and a special video we will share on social media to complement her narrative.

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