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Easy Portable Backdrop Setup: A TogDrop Solutions Guest Blog Post by Lorraine Howard

by TogDrop

At TogDrop Solutions, we love our customers, so we are thrilled to feature a guest blog post by the talented Lorraine Howard, a Certified Professional Photographer located in east Texas and Tennessee, whose passion and dedication to her craft are truly inspiring.

Lorraine is an accomplished photographer with over a decade of experience, earning her CPP designation in May 2023. Currently pursuing degrees in Photographic Craftsman, Master of Photography, and Master Artist, she exemplifies a commitment to excellence.

Aside from her professional achievements, Lorraine is a devoted mother to eight children, having fostered 99 over the years. Inspired by her father’s passion, she discovered her love for photography at a young age and is now dedicated to capturing life’s fleeting moments with authenticity and emotion. We are honored to have Lorraine on our blog! Check out Lorraine Howard Photography here!

Crafting Memories and Earning a Blue Ribbon: A Photographic
Journey with TogDrop’s Light Stand Corner System

As I proudly display my first blue ribbon, it symbolizes not just a triumph in photography but a journey that spans over a decade. In 2010, nestled in Northern California, I embarked on my photographic journey, capturing the precious moments of my 99 foster children who arrived without tangible memories to hold onto. The joy on their faces as they saw their images ignited a passion that has shaped my career ever since.

Fast forward to today, and I find myself a Certified Professional Photographer based in East Texas, fully immersed in the world of destination photography. As my lens explores the captivating stories and scenic landscapes of various locales, my work continues to evolve. Guided by wherever God leads, the path to this point has been paved with a commitment to capturing emotions and telling unique stories through my lens.

In the competitive world of photography, armed with lofty dreams and a dedication to continuous learning, I am currently pursuing my Master Artist and Master of Photography degrees. Aspirations extend further, aiming to add a Photographic Craftsman degree to my achievements – a milestone in mastering the art and science of photography.

The narrative of my journey takes an exhilarating turn with the introduction of TogDrop’s Light Stand Corner System. Before this innovative tool, setting up for a shoot with my old system was an arduous task. The cumbersome process, taking about 2 hours to set up three rooms, was not only time-consuming but exhausting.

Then, TogDrop entered my world, and everything changed. The ease and speed at which I can now establish a complete room are nothing short of remarkable. What once took hours is now condensed to a mere 10 minutes per room, thanks to the efficiency of TogDrop’s system. This newfound swiftness has elevated not only the technical aspects of my work but has also significantly enhanced my creativity.

Transitioning seamlessly from a fixed studio to on-the-go photography, the TogDrop system empowers me to set up in clients’ homes with unparalleled ease. To put its capabilities to the test, I captured a spontaneous image of my daughter in our living room, showcasing the incredible speed and simplicity that the TogDrop Light Stand Corner System offers.

This blue ribbon signifies more than just an accolade; it’s a chapter in a larger narrative – a story of compassion, dedication, and the seamless integration of innovative tools like the TogDrop System. As I continue this photographic journey, I am filled with gratitude for the moments captured, the lives touched, and the dreams yet to unfold.

We are so grateful to Lorraine for sharing her journey and experiences with TogDrop’s Light Stand Corner System! Her testament to the efficiency and simplicity of our system as a portable backdrop setup is exactly why we came up with it, and we’re so glad to see it positively impacting her work.

Lorraine’s story is a fantastic example of how TogDrop can make a difference in a photographer’s workflow, saving hours of time and frustration. It’s always great to hear from our community of photographers, and we can’t wait to share more stories and insights from our users!

Inspired by Lorraine’s story? Ready to transform your own photography journey? We invite you to explore the possibilities with TogDrop’s Light Stand Corner System yourself! Experience the simplicity and efficiency that Lorraine and many other photographers have found invaluable.

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